Our team 

Goradze Liudmyla

Advocate. Managing Partner

Advocate. Managing partner of commercial – consulting agency “Remedium”.

Born on January 13, 1991 in the most beautiful city in the world, the sea and tourist capital of Ukraine – the city of Odessa.

In 2007 graduated a local college – school with an intensive study of the French language.

Since 2007 studied at the Odessa National Maritime University and in 2012 she got a Master’s Degree in Law. 

In 2008 began working part-time as an assistant attorney in a law firm. In 2010 became the leading lawyer of this company.

From 2013-2014 she worked as a barrister’s assistant. At the same time, began to undergo additional training in preparing for the qualification exam for obtaining an Advocates certificate.

In May 2015, successfully passed the qualification Advocates exam and received the status of Advocate. In the same year she ran for deputies of the Odessa City Council.

From 2016 to 2019, was actively engaged in advocacy and the provision of legal services to companies (including foreign ones) and individuals.

In April 2019, She accepted an offer to become the managing partner of the commercial – consulting agency “Remedium” and actively participate not only in solving all kinds of customer’s issues, but also in the organizational activities of the agency.

Possesses such qualities as professionalism, responsibility, sociability and purposefulness.

She is not afraid to tackle complex problems, and, basically, leads them to a successful solution. Also, She has an incredibly strong personal energy and feminine charm.

The guarantee for the quality of the services provided by the agency, she is borne by personal name and reputation.

Shumanskaya Polina


2011 – Odessa National Economic University, international relations

2014 – Accounting, analysis and audit

Finance, analysis, forecasting.  She will help you calculate the most profitable option for investing your funds.

Shishkova Xeniya


Legal support of real estate purchase and sale transactions, registration of companies, opening accounts, drafting constituent documentation, conducting negotiations.

Possesses excellent communication skills. She will help you achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

Bezhenar Inna


A high specialist in the field of economics.

Over 15 years of experience in the State Tax Authorities of Odessa and the Odessa region.

Our financier will help you with the economic counting of your business plan, with the choice of the optimal tax zone for the registration of your business, with the internal audit of companies, as well as with the solution of all issues in the field of finance and in accounting.

Balickaya Marina

Lawyer, the economic security of companies

2009 – Odessa National Maritime University, the specialist in jurisprudence
2011 – Odessa State University of Internal Affairs, the master in the field of economic security of the companies

Has good communication skills, analytical mind, also good knowledge in the field of psychology, which, of course, is always an advantage when analyzing controversial issues and searching various solutions.

Artem Tkachik

PHP Developer

PHP Developer. Master of his craft. Technical support of the company.