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The commercial consulting agency "REMEDIUM" was founded on January 31st 2006, in the most wonderful southern city of Ukraine, the pearl of the sea Odessa. The purpose of creating our company is a great desire and a great potential to make the lives of people around easier, to help them achieve their goals, as well as to implement all the inspiring ideas. We see ourselves as the Architects of your business and your future, who breathe life in your idea.

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists in various fields of law, private international law, financiers, analysts, who, with a joint approach to solving the problem, will provide you with a complete picture of understanding the whole situation, as well as the most effective and optimal solutions. In addition, all our employees are specialists in their field and erudite people. They also possess high moral and human qualities, and communication with them will give you a lot of pleasure. Our company can not be attributed just to the legal sphere, as the range of provided services goes beyond legal (business analysis, construction and miscalculation of business plans, support in business negotiations, translation services, conducting various trainings and seminars that increase your knowledge about the rules of business, as well as enhancing your business skills).

All our employees are smart, purposeful, ambitious, and hardworking people, so work in our company for them - is not just working days, but also a special lifestyle, that we always try to fill with mutual love and respect, which have positive effect on the relationships with our customers.

One of our biggest advantages is that we are in contact with our customers 24 hours a day, and in case of unpredictable situations we are ready to fly to the other part of the world any time to resolve them quckly.

Whatever questions you may have - the team of CCA "REMEDIUM" will gladly help YOU with their solution.

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