We introduce the online consultations!

Hello, dear visitors of our site!

  The worldwide introduction of preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus has already complicated the work of many companies, and some of them have even suspended it.
The Presidential Decrees, the Orders of the city authorities minimizes live communication and communication between people. Large crowds must be avoided and, if it’s possible, try to isolate themselves.
  All these protective measures make our company to adapt to the situation and actively to use the new opportunities in our work.
  Because of all the above, the CCA “REMEDIUM” decided to organize online consultations (Skype, Viber, Line and other instant messengers on your choice).
  Our experts will be happy to help you in solving your issues online, and you will not need to spend the time on the road to our office 😉
 On matters related to the implementation of economic activities of companies, registration of companies, and the implementation of foreign economic activity providing the consultation our managing partner, the Advocate – Lyudmila Goradze.
 On all matters arising during the implementation of freight forwarding activities (including claims-related activities), as well as on all matters of the sea transportation of goods advises you the Advocate and the master in its sphere – Konstantin Kopychenko.
 For all matters arising from the tax laws of Ukraine, the UK and the accounting of the company, advises you the specialist in the field of finance – Inna Bezhenar. The experience of our specialist in the tax authorities is more than 20 years.
  For all legal issues arising in the field of criminal and family law, you are advised by the specialist in these areas, with enormous experience and truly a professional in his field, the Advocate – Yuriy Pavlishin.
  All issues related to registration of ownership of houses, apartments, the verification of objects and support of purchase and sale transactions relate to the specialization of our Senior Lawyer, a professional in his field – Ksenia Shishkova.

The duration of a standard online consultation is up to 30 minutes.
The cost of a standard online consultation is 500 UAH.

To order an online consultation, send a letter to our email address (in the subject line indicate “Online consultation”) providing your contact details and a brief summary of the problem (or the name of the desired specialist).
You will be contacted within 24 hours and approved the time of the consultation.

Take care of yourself and your health!

Sincerely yours,
              Goradze Lyudmila.